Two Years With Trixie

Last Updated on: 26th March 2014, 02:57 pm

Well would ya look at that? It’s april 15. Two years ago, I came home on a plane from California with a certain black fuzzball at my feet. this must be confusing for some because 3 significant dates are all squished together, but I think they all matter, so I mention them all.

It doesn’t seem real that two years have gone by, but it’s true. Time doesn’t lie. I’m afraid years will just go faster and faster and before I’m prepared for it, it’ll be time for her to retire and time for me to start again and all those nightmares about starting anew won’t be just stupid dreams anymore. But I shouldn’t think about that. She’s young, healthy according to Monday’s physical, and showing no signs of stopping. She’s also got new doggy bling as my friend calls it, because she got her new rabies tag.

I don’t have very many dog stories, I used most of ’em up on Thursday. One thing I’ve noticed is she’s developing a bit of a stubborn streak. We came home from what we’d been out doing Thursday evening in a cab. Since the cabs can do debit now, and I didn’t have any cash, I asked to do debit. But the machine was giving him trouble. Every time he took it off the base so he could hand it back to me, the battery would fail. so he asked me to come up to the front seat so he could leave it on the base. So I got out, walked to the front of the car and got in. Trixie was not into this at all. We were home. Was I out of my mind? Why would we get back *in* the car we just got out of when we’d arrived home? All I could manage to do was pull her very close to the car…but she would! not! get! in! I’m sure if I had to, I could have muscled her in, but she was trying her level best to keep planted outside the car. Wackadoo.

It’s official. She doesn’t see my parents as the ominous agents of change anymore. I think she actually loves them! They came to see us on Easter Sunday, and good god, she bounded around the apartment as if they were the best people in the world. As she gets older, she gets more and more exuberant about certain people, like our neighbours, mom and dad, and her two favourite guys. I think she’s really starting to realize she’s here to stay. It feels good to know I’ve had her the longest out of everyone. I still wish I could figure out a way for her to see her raisers.

One new development that I’ve noticed is…when Trixie farts, good lord it could peel paint off walls! She never used to fart at all. thankfully She doesn’t let ’em fly very often, but when she does, good sweet holy hell. Hopefully that’s nothing to worry about.

Oh, she’s gotten even more cunning about her vet avoidance techniques. When will she learn that it doesn’t work? She now allows us to get close to the vet, but stops one pathway too soon. She knows I want her to target a path…so she does. It’s just the wrong one. I figure it out, make her turn around, and when we do target the right path, she resigns herself to going in. She’s so weird. She loves everyone in there, she wags her tail, they give her treats, but she’ll avoid that place like the plague.

I don’t know why I obsess over the passage of time, but I do. It’s neat to watch the section of my life I share with Trixie get bigger and bigger. Well, Trix, here comes another year.

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