>Badda Ba Ba Ba, I’m Suin’ You

Last Updated on: 24th April 2012, 10:40 pm

>Here’s a twisted lawsuit for ya. Fran McLaren went into a McDonald’s and got lunch. There’s also a liquor store right there. Apparently, both had kicked a homeless dude out, so he was lying in a parking spot. She gave him a cheeseburger, at which point he threw it back at her and said he only wanted money. She called him an ungrateful bastard, and then he gave her one hell of a beating. So…she’s suing McDonald’s, the liquor store, and him. The reason she’s suing McDonald’s and the liquor store is, get ready for this, because they knew that their stores attracted these sorts of people. what does that say about her, then? And as for suing the homeless dude, good luck getting the money from him. You know what they say about blood from a stone…

This shouldn’t even make it to court. But given our current trend, she’ll probably win.

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