I Said Lay Off On Calling The Police At School, But I Didn’t Mean That Much.

Last Updated on: 15th February 2020, 08:28 am

I read about this story last week, but I could not find proper words to talk about it.

Here’s the summary. A girl was dragged into a washroom at Central High School in Muncie, Indiana and raped. She went to the office to report what happened. Instead of calling the police, they made her sit for hours and write a report on what happened, and finally called someone from the Youth Opportunity Center, a place that helps troubled youth, but didn’t tell her why she’d been summoned. When she arrived and found out the reason, she took the girl to the hospital, where doctors confirmed an assault had occurred and called the cops, but were pretty pissed that the school let hours go by, hours that could have been crucial in getting evidence.

Well, now, the full scope of what happened has come out, and it’s pretty bad. Not only was the accused allowed to go home, shower and wash his clothes, but the washroom was never looked at, and of course it would have been used multiple times, destroying lots of important evidence.

And now the school could be facing criminal charges for their actions. A grand jury has been convened to figure out if state laws were violated by the school deciding to play cops and investigate things themselves.

Just horrible! The thing that lots of victims of sexual violence say is they’re not believed. Way to make her feel like her problem doesn’t matter and that school officials don’t think anything serious happened. Just disgusting.

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