Last Updated on: 18th May 2018, 08:02 pm

Remember back when I talked about the changes to CNIB that would allow a sighted person to manage the organization? Well, it looks like they’ve done it, and the new CEO is just that. I have to admire the dude, leaving a very lucrative job to manage CNIB. Um, that’s pretty cool. I feel a bit sorry for him, since some blinks are still convinced this is a very bad thing. I kind of have to half-smile when I hear him say that he’s going to have to work twice as hard as a blind person to convince us all that he’s the right man for the job. Perhaps he has more incommon with us after all.

good luck to you, John Rafferty. I hope we blinks don’t burn you out or drive you to drink. And Jim Sanders, happy retirement.

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