How’s My Photography, Doug Hastings?

Last Updated on: 8th February 2021, 03:56 pm

People always wonder what would happen if a blind person tried to take a picture. Well, you’re about to find out, and it’s probably not gonna be pretty. This is what happens when a drunk blink decides it would be cool to try and take pictures with her cellphone. If I’m lucky, there will be several pictures of Trixie sticking her nose out the bars of our balcony and one of Steve. If not, well…who knows what I
could have gotten. Maybe it’ll just be pictures of my hands. Here goes. Prepare to laugh at me.

Trixie looking through the bars, I hope.

trying again

and again.

I really should stop.

I took too many pictures.

This could be Steve, or maybe his shirt, who knows? Here's hopin' I got his whole face.

Oh dear dear. Something tells me I should never do this again.

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