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Last Updated on: 28th April 2014, 09:24 am

I’ve been thinking about afew things. Here they are in no particular order.

My Trixie dreams have taken a new twist. They’re of two types: One has me going back to training, and some of my classmates are there, only this time, Trixie is with me. We just end up having a refresher, and I think all the time about how easy it’s going to be to come home and already have a dog that’s used to me.

The other kind of dream is one where for some reason I walk out the door without either Trixie or my cane. I get into the elevator and realize I don’t have either…and decide to go out walking anyway! I get out of the driveway and realize that this is going to be painfully slow since I’m always afraid I’m going to hit something..but I decide to go on, because turning back would be some kind of sign of weakness or something.

I understand the first dreams, I think they’re a good sign. I’m not abandoning Trixie or losing her anymore. I think I’m doomed to always have dreams about guide dog training because I’m on a list of guide dog users and there’s always someone going into class. but at least now, in my dreams, Trixie isn’t being neglected or something.

the second dreams completely mystify me. Why would I walk out of the house with neither a cane nor a dog? that’s just weird.

I’m about to sound like the biggest prick in the universe, but that’s never stopped me before. Has anyone else noticed that some people, I think all the people who do it are black, leave off s’s in funny places? I’ve noticed on TV, they’ll say things like “I was at my girlfriend house.” Or sometimes it will be “I was at my girlfriend houhe.” “My mamma houhe” is another popular hangout. That was supposed to be my mamma’s house. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for why the s’s disappear. At least with British and Australian folks, when they ad an ar at the end of a word ending in a vowel, it’s because the next word begins with a vowel. when French people add or subtract h’s, they usually say them where they shouldn’t and not when they should, and I understand why. They don’t have the h sound. but this thing with the s’s confuses me. I think I’ve thought about it too much.

I went and got an Air Miles card. No, I won’t be as annoying as this woman. I never thought I’d get one, but the drugstore is always asking me if I had one, and they told me I could redeem more stuff than I thought. Now, it confuses me, because none of the few miles I have managed to get are showing up on the site. I know I only have a piece of paper until the real plastic shows up and maybe that’s why. I’d be pissed if this isn’t working. Oh well I guess it didn’t cost me anything.

I don’t know what was up with last Friday. I think everybody was on weird juice. Steve and I went to the bank, and on the way in, Steve heard a guy randomly yelling “Heeeey! You still have my shovel! Gimme back my shovel!” This isn’t the most residential area. Why would someone be yelling at someone else to give him back a shovel? I don’t know how to explain it, the guy’s voice was so weird and he had to have been far away, but we could still hear him yelling perfectly clearly. And…what’s the big deal about a shovel that he had to yell about it?

then on the way out of the bank, a small dog that was outside grabbed onto my leg! At first I thought I’d been bitten, but I think it just held on with its sharp toenails. Luckily, it decided to go for me and not Trixie. Poor Trixie was weirded out for a bit, but was otherwise ok. The lady who owned the dog was convinced that her dog couldn’t have possibly done that. Oh, it did. The thing wouldn’t stop barking at us and we had to go out another way just to get away from it.

Ok, here’s a weird question. I want to find the old A and W Root beer song. I want to use part of it as someone’s ringtone on my phone. You know the song that goes baddum baddum, bum baddum baddum, bum, baddum baddum, baddum, baddum, bum. here’s a crappy version. What the hell is that thing called? I can’t find it anywhere! As an aside, the commercial where the guy calls Mr. Dumas a dumbass in a job interview is pretty funny.

A comercial came on for Heartguard Plus for dogs and I realized how brainwashed I am by prescription drug ads. I new the ad was for a med for dogs, but when it got to the end and said “Ask your veterinarian if Heartguard Plus is right for your dog,” my mind completed the sentence with “you” because we’ve seen so many drug commercials. When the commercial said “your dog,” both Steve and I had to laugh because we both thought the same thing.

What is with people using the phrase “with all due respect” when they apparently have none for someone? I always thought it was sort of a way to agree to disagree and tell someone you respected them, but you thought they were wrong. I sometimes hear the phrase “with all due respect” followed by “You’re an idiot.” And it doesn’t seem like a joke! Hmmm. That doesn’t seem very respectful at all. It’s kind of like how I noticed people saying “no offence” when the next sentence couldn’t offend any reasonable human being.

so Sunday is Mother’s Day. That seemed to appear out of nowhere for me. But I think about this one a little more than most because dad won’t have a mom to celebrate Mother’s Day with. She lived next door, and mom’s mom lives far away, so they always did that holiday with dad’s mom. Now that she’s gone, I’m imagining things are going to be a little weird for mom and dad. I guess it’s true about the first year after someone passes away being hard all the way through until you have new memories for each major event.

You know how I’ve talked about the dangers of hybrid cars? Well, I met my first hybrid car today, and didn’t have the first clue I’d met it until I was several blocks down. the driver was very considerate and remained out of my way until I was gone because she knew I couldn’t hear her, and for that I thank her. She told this to my O and M instructor, who then told me that I just went by a hybrid car. That freaks me out. I was in aquiet, quiet neighbourhood and I still didn’t hear it. I didn’t have a shred of a clue, not an inkling, nothing at all. I could have been turned into smoked pedestrian and wouldn’t have known until it was all over.

This crappy economy really seems to be finding a way to hit everyone, but I think the first organizations who feel it are charities. I never used to worry about GDB much in the money department, but I think they’re feeling it too. I don’t want to see them suffer. I think everyone who got a dog from them or cares about them at all should try and donate if they can at all. I sure am going to send a little something. I know there are lots of ways to donate. You can donate online, or mail or fax it. There are a million ways. They have given me Trixie, a gift for which I can never repay them. the least I can do is help out somehow.

And I think I’m all out of ideas. Hope that wasnt’ too boring.

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