Ready Or Not, Here’s My Bum!

Last Updated on: 7th April 2014, 12:54 pm

Here’s an odd game I don’t think I’d ever want to play. Maybe I should say I wouldn’t want to be in the same area as someone who’s playing it. It’s calledHide and Go Poop, or poop and go seek, whatever floats your boat.

Apparently, you text your fellow hide and go poopers when you’re, well, doing no. 2, and they have to find you before you finish, flush and get out of there.

There are about a zillion rules, a point system, and this one guy has put a lot of thought into the game, even trying to say it has a long history. I think my favourite line in the whole thing is, “We try and recognize you by your shoes…sometimes we get the wrong person.” Wouldn’t that be a surprise? You’re taking a crap, and people are hitting your stall and I don’t know what else, saying they found you. But you don’t want to be found! then they have to say “Oh sorry, we were playing a game of hide and go poop and we thought you were someone else.” There’s an encounter you wont’ soon forget.

Some folks must really be bored at work.

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