This New Mexico You Speak Of. It Doesn’t Seem As Spanish As The Old One

The bad news: More public officials are having trouble figuring out what qualifies as America.

The good news: At least it wasn’t the TSA this time.

The La Cruces Sun-News reports Gavin Clarkson, who lives in Las Cruces, and his fiancee attempted to apply for a marriage license at a D.C. license bureau on Nov. 20.
Clarkson said the clerk, however, wouldn’t accept his New Mexico driver’s license, believing he was a foreign citizen. The clerk allegedly said he would have to provide an international passport to get the license.
“She thought New Mexico was a foreign country,” he told the La Cruces Sun News. “All the couples behind us waiting in line were laughing.”

Here’s the text of that Facebook post in case it ever gets taken down, because the part where she complimented his English as if he were a Mexican Mexican must be preserved.

“You know you are from flyover country when you are applying for a marriage license, give them your New Mexico driver’s license, and they come back and say “my supervisor says we cannot accept international driver’s licenses. Do you have a New Mexico passport?” They went back to a supervisor to check if New Mexico was a state … TWICE!
The new Mrs. Clarkson thinks that the most hilarious part was when the clerk complemented me on my English. (For those that don’t know, Marina immigrated from Argentina in 1994 and became a US citizen fourteen years later).”

And yes, I did notice that the confused people were in D.C., and yes, I did laugh about it. You’d figure they’d be extra careful about that sort of thing considering they’ve been on the wrong end of it at least twice now.

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