Guinness Book Of World Riches

Our old friend Jonathan Lee Riches is doing what he does best, suing! Who is he suing now? I can’t stop laughing. He’s suing…*snort*…the Guinness Book of World Records. Why is he suing them? I’m not sure. Most obviously, it seems that he doesn’t like the names they’ve stuck on him, names like “The litigator crusader,” the “duke of lawsuits,” “Johnny Sue-nami,” “Sue-per-man” and the “Patrick Ewing of suing.” Ah come on, I like some of those.

What I can’t figure out is why he’s suing, but this is normal when you’re dealing with this nutcase. At first I thought it was because Guinness had underestimated his number of lawsuits, as he says he flushes out more lawsuits than a sewer. Then he said it was the names he was given. Well, ya kinda earned ’em. But then he said that all this suing has given him arthritis in his fingers, crooked fingers, numbness in his fingers and wrists… then I have a solution for you. Stop suing!

The final giggleworthy thing I saw in this article is the judge he has the best luck with is named Justin Quackenbush. Well, guess he’s a Quack too.

Good luck with your attempts to start up a course on how to sue this way, buddy. By the looks of things, you’re not exactly a shining example of success.

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