Here Dumbass dumbass dumbass. That’s right. come Here. over here. *Slap*!

Last Updated on: 5th February 2015, 05:45 pm

I’ve got a new dog story for ya. I’ve bitched before about people making kissy noises at my dog to get her to move, or calling my dog from across the lawn when she’s taking a poop. This one’s a whole new level of what the hell?

I got on the bus. I sat down. A guy came on and said hey puppy and tried to pet Trixie. I told him not to do that along with another lady. He said ok. Then he sat down across from me. Midway through the ride, I heard that kissy sound coming from him along with the words “Come here. Come here puppy.” He was saying it all quietly, almost as if he hoped I wouldn’t hear him.

My mouth fell open. Then, as if I was a puppet on a string, words came from me that I had no plan on saying. Suddenly, I was saying “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” This is the first time I’ve yelled at someone right out of the gate, but good god, I think it was warranted.

Seriously folks, what kind of crack do you have to be smoking to try and call a service dog away from its handler? Like come on. did he think he was going to rescue the poor dog from its life of slavery or something? Listen dude, I’m not Cruella De Vil. You can relax. the dog is happy. And no, you can’t have her, she’s not yours.

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