It’s Canada Day, Up Canada Way

Last Updated on: 1st May 2014, 09:39 am

This is amazing. There have been 6 July 1sts since the site started, and a quick check of the archives tells me that this will be the first one that will actually have a post on it. That means that in the entire history of the Comet, not one of us inconsiderate pricks has ever bothered to wish you a happy Canada Day on time. So…happy Canada Day, and here’s hoping that you’re one of the 20 some odd percent of Canadians who knows how old the country is. I don’t have the exact number, but that frighteningly low number is a real figure from a recent survey I heard about on the news a couple days back.

Before I go any further, we need an appropriate soundtrack to set the mood. I thinkthisshould do just fine.

I don’t have anything exciting planned for the day, but I’ll be celebrating in my own way by doing Canadian things. Things like drinking some Moosehead while I watch the Blue Jays hopefully not lose to the Rays again. I may even watch some football since the season starts today. For the benefit of our American readers, I’m talking about good quality CFL football, not that boring ass crap engaged in by the penal colony that you call the NFL. Hopefully I will be able to do all of these things in a rain free environment. I’m not counting on it, but a guy can dream. Dream and swim, the latter being a necessary skill thanks to the fucking weather around here.

On the subject of the Jays, I heard an interesting stat on the game the other night. Even though they’re fielding what in my opinion is the best all around team in years and are 3 or 4 games over .500, average attendance for home games is only in the mid 23000 range. I was surprised by that since people seem to like going to the dome (Rogers isn’t getting any free advertising out of me) when they have a good team to cheer for. Jays fans have always seemed much more casual and fairweather than Leaf fans who will fill the ACC whether they’re on the verge of the playoffs or completely in the shitter, so I can’t figure out what’s keeping people away now. It would be easy to blame the economy, but decent seats don’t cost that much so it’s a cheap night out provided you don’t eat or drink anything. Besides, bad economy or not, people are going to find the money or the credit to do things they want to do whether or not they can afford to do them, so I think there’s something else at work. Seats were consistently full before the baseball strike in 1994 at least as I remember it, but I don’t think they ever totally recovered after that. The team tanking horribly for years probably didn’t help, but now that they’re pretty good, where are the fans? Any thoughts? If you’re a person who used to go but doesn’t now or a fan who’s never been to a game live and doesn’t care to ever catch one, I’d love to know why.

Speaking of seeing things live, we had a great time in London watching our pal Anton inthe play.The fun and games surrounding it were also quite the good time, and I think Carin may be typing up a post on them as I type this. I won’t take any of her material, but I do want to mention that the weekend did provide a first for me. Never before have I taken a couple of stiff elbows to the chest from a woman in a walker after having the nerve to try to pay for my own ticket. thank you to Anton’s mom who’s name eludes me for the laugh and the free show. The words “We pay! We pay!” are now forever etched in my memory, not to mention my sternum.

that’s all I’ve got for now. I may post later, I may not. If I do, I’ll probably be a little less than sober, not that you’ll be able to tell. If you people knew how many drunken things I’ve written here you’d be amazed. If you don’t believe me, just ask Carin.

Bye bye, and enjoy your Canada Day.

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