The Sound Of Music

Why does nothing ever happen when somebody’s music starts playing in the middle of a wrestling match? I know they’ve been doing it forever especially in WWE, but it’s never made any sense. Shouldn’t it result in the opponent of the person being distracted getting disqualified? Why hasn’t the production guy who keeps doing it been fired? Or if he has, why have none of his replacements learned from his mistake? How big of a geek do you have to be to still be getting distracted by music, anyway? This has been going on for like 20 years and it happens at least once or twice on every show. I’m sure if you were in the ring the first, second or hell, even tenth or fifteenth time it happened it would have been a little unnerving, but at this point if you have no idea it’s coming, that’s your problem and you deserve to get rolled up and pinned while you stand there staring at the ramp as if you’re watching a completely unique situation unfold before your eyes, you incompetent buffoon. Seriously, have you never watched a show? Pay the fuck attention, dude! And since nobody can seem to come down to the ring unless their music plays, does that explain why none of the babyfaces ever run out to save their friends from a beating? Or do none of the babyfaces like each other anymore? Actually never mind, that’s probably it. The babyfaces in WWE do tend to act like bigger dicks than most of the heels, who seem to generally be a pretty friendly bunch. That part is at least logical, it’s just backwards. But this music thing, can we stop it now? It was kind of cool once in a while when Stone Cold would do it, but A: the key words there are once in a while, B: nobody in the present day is going to be mistaken for Stone Cold Steve Austin and C: I’m pretty sure the last time Stone Cold wrestled an actual match we were still a few months away from having a blog.

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