>What A Drag It Is Getting Old

>Aerosmith must be determined to either not play any shows on their current tour or kill themselves, because things are just getting ridiculous now.

This summer has alreadyseenSteven Tyler out with a hamstring injury he got during a show in June, Brad Whitford missing the whole tour up until a few shows ago because he needed surgery after hitting his head while getting out of his Ferrari (I need specifics because that sounds like the stupidest injury ever), and Tom Hamilton needing what’s being called “non-invasive” surgery”.

But wait, there’s more!

Some additional concerts may be in jeopardy after Tyler got himself hurt again, this time by falling off of the stage while dancing during a show in Sturgis, South Dakota. He had to be airlifted to hospital but was apparently in good spirits, joking around with the doctors on the way. What I’ve heard since says that shows will go on, but that could always change especially at the rate they’re going.

Oh…Of course there’s a video, what a silly question.Hello Mr. Tyler. Going…down?

That wasn’t very nice, but in all seriousness I do hope the guy’s ok, and not just because I’ve got tickets for the Toronto show in September. It sucks watching age catch up with people.

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