His Name Is Rios…

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 11:19 am

Here’s a question for the baseball fans, especially those of you who follow the Blue Jays.

Yesterday the Jayslet Alex Rios go to the Chicago White Sox and got nothing in return.The question is a simple one: Was this a stupid move or was it time for Rios to go and worth doing whatever was necessary to unload him?

I’m not sure where I fall yet. On one hand he’s having a year that doesn’t come close to matching the money he’s making and would have been making for the next 5 or 6 years had he stayed, but on the other it wasn’t too long ago that there was talk of using him as trade bait to pick up Tim Lincecum and before that Barry¬†Zito and even now with him not at his best I’m sure there would have been interest from another team willing to make a deal. Everybody slumps, and when Rios isn’t slumping he’s a pretty dangerous player. if he ever comes out of this funk he’s in and starts playing up to his potential again this could go down as one of the worst moves in team history.

Letting an all-star player who’s best years could still be ahead of him go is a seriously risky move, but I’m willing to wait and see and not call for anybody’s head just yet. Hopefully in the next little while the team will take some of the money they’re saving on Rios’ contract and get themselves a good substitute or use it to lock up guys like Adam Lind and Roy Halladay who are going to be big pieces of the puzzle if they’re serious about making a playoff run long-term. If neither of those things happen, then it’s time to start asking questions.

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