Thoughts On New Millionaire

Last Updated on: 21st March 2014, 08:19 pm

Wow, I missed Regis on this show. I know there are the reruns on the Game Show Network, but once you’ve already seen them there’s not much sense in watching again since you can’t play along.

So far I like the changes they’ve made, and amazingly the celebrity experts haven’t been a complete embarrassment so far. Then again, nobody asked Sam Donaldson anything the first night and last night they had George Stephanopoulos who only got one wrong and it was one he shouldn’t have been asked if the contestant knew what he was doing, so they’re trying so far to keep it to people who might actually know something about something. I’m not sure what the rest of the schedule is so it’ll be interesting to see if they keep things on that path or try to play for ratings by stacking the rest of the run with people who can’t spell millionaire let alone help a contestant.

Speaking of which, is Katy Perry this annoying and airheaded all the time? I pay her as little attention as possible so I’m honestly not sure. But if it’s an act, please stop. If it isn’t, somebody fasten weights to her legs before she floats away. Actually no, don’t. Do the world a favour and just let her go, because by the looks ofthisshe’s pretty much gone as it is. How are people impressed by a person like this? I don’t get it. Maybe if she was good at something or said things of value now and then I could overlook the way she carries herself here, but as of now, just…no.

My only complaint about the show itself is a small one, and surprisingly it’s about the change I was most excited about. The clock needs to start ticking down after the question is red, not while Regis is reading the answers. The way they’re doing it now, he asks the main part of the question, then time starts coming off as he reads the choices. That’s not fair to the contestants, especially when Regis starts laughing or trips over his words like happened last night. One poor girl had 3 seconds left to come up with an answer because he lost his shit for some reason and started cracking up. She got it right, but if that were me I’d have been pretty pissed.

Other than that it’s great to have the prime time Millionaire back, and I hope it sticks around beyond the 11 shows scheduled so far.

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