Last Updated on: 8th January 2023, 09:07 pm

What’s with the rash of fake kidnappings lately? The first one we noticed was years ago when this woman faked her son’s kidnapping to get money from her hubby. But lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of them.

I went back to see if there were more I’d forgotten about, and there were. There was the case of a real-looking kidnapping actually being some kind of setup for some internet video contest. Years later, we had a fake kidnapping staged on video for the people’s own amusement. What’s so amusing about a kidnapping?

Next is the story of a woman who faked being kidnapped to cover up her affair. That didn’t work so well.

Even more recent is the case of a man making it look like he was kidnapped so his mom would send him money. Yeah, $250 sounds like a normal ransome.

Later still, we have that chick from New Brunswick who said she’d been forced to drive a man to Toronto. why did she go to such detail if it never happened? Hell, why did she do it?

And, in the last week, I saw the story of a guy who faked his own abduction for who knows what reason and another one who faked being kidnapped so he could cheat on his wife.

And in all the cases, they got busted. Let’s just stop faking kidnappings. It doesn’t work, it upsets people and wastes police’s time

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