Craig’s Forgery

Last Updated on: 15th February 2020, 08:01 am

So here’s a scary thought. Apparently, if you live in Texas, and your neighbours post an ad on Craigslist falsely saying stuff in your yard is available for the taking, there’s nothing they can be charged with because technology kind of snuck up on them. Uh-huh. Right. Sure. What is the difference between falsely claiming something’s available on Craigslist and putting an ad in the paper with the same information? What would you charge them with in that case? Just apply it in this one. Come on. With the charges they heaped on in the Lori Drew case, you’re telling me they couldn’t find something to stick him with? Granted her case was overturned, but at least give it a try, Mr. District Attorney guy.

I have two theories. Either they went easy on the Craigslist-posting neighbour because he’s a cop, or we have someone who just can’t get past the fact that the crime has an element of it that was committed over the series of tubes, or a little bit of each. I feel horrible for that family. I wouldn’t feel safe in my neighbourhood anymore. And I’m thankful the cop was so stupid he used his own email address so they could at least find out who did it. I hope that at the very least, he becomes an ex-cop. But I think he needs to go bunk with a few guys he’d put away. That would be much better.

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