No Repeat Offending For That Kid…

Whatever you do, don’t piss off Jamar Pinkney Sr. If you do, he might shoot you in the head. Jamar Pinkney Jr. confessed to his mom that he had inappropriately touched his 3-year-old half sister. When she called his father, Pinkney Sr, he came right home, pistol whipped him, took him to a vacant lot, made him strip down and kneel and then shot him in the head.

Reading this, I have to wonder if Pinkney Sr. was abused as a child and was never believed. I mean, it’s not like he had a criminal record or anything, and to snap like that, there had to be something going on. That family is never, ever going to be the same, and sadly, the little girl will probably be no less free of guilt. Instead of being all messed up from the molestation, she might blame herself for the boy getting killed.

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