Power Outage Or Intelligence Outage?

Last Updated on: 3rd November 2022, 02:53 pm

Cody Wilkins
We have talked about people burglarizing houses and staying around to watch porn or go on their Facebook or MySpace, but thanks to Cody Wilkins, we have a new one. You see, the power was out at his house last week due to the crazy weather. He liked to break into places and take jewellery, only this time, he thought he’d use their electrical socket to charge his phone. The only problem was someone heard him, and he ran off suddenly, leaving his phone behind. All police had to do was call his girlfriend and ask her a few questions, and wammo, they were at Wilkins’s door.

Apparently, when they got there, he was busy flushing jewellery down the toilet. Yup, definitely not bright. All that’ll do is clog his drain.

What a dumbass.

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