A Little Wednesday Afternoon Blind Guy Cell Phone Photography

Last Updated on: 27th April 2022, 06:50 am

The last time we did thisit was summer, Carin was hammered and they turned out pretty funny.Now it’s my turn to take a kick at the can as it were.

Unfortunately I don’t currently find myself in the same sorry state as our little friend did that night, but I’m just as blind if not more and drunk or not, what could be funnier than watching a blind guy take cell phone pictures?

What you should be looking at are 2 pictures, one of Carin and one of me. We got snazzy new haircuts today and if miracles are possible, you should be able to see them in all their crystal clear glory. In reality, however, what you’re probably going to see is a picture of a wall or possibly a window and part of a face, as well as a close-up shot of what appears to be a retard having a spasm of some sort…and that’s if I got lucky with the aim.

Like last time, please tell us what you see if you possess the necessary equipment to do so.

If things didn't go the way you would expect, this is a nice picture of Carin's newly styled head.
This is me taking a picture of myself from close range...probably too close.  I apologize for frightening your children.

Wasn’t that lovely? Hey, which one of you bastards said no? I heard that, you know. My ears are much better than my pictures.

Next time I do this I’ll do my best to be drunk so the playing field will be level. No idea when it’ll be, but with Christmas and birthday coming up there should be no shortage of chances. Consider that your warning.

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