Here Come The Cops, They’ll See Our Boy In The Box

This, more than anything I’ve seen in a while, is a pretty good case for the occasional ass whooping not being a bad thing. And if somebody wants to give one to the kid while we’re at it, I’m fine with that too. Jesus, mom and dad. Toughen up.

Alberta RCMP are reminding grown-ups they are the boss.
A press release sent out Wednesday urges parents to stand up to their kids, especially when it comes to keeping them safe after a driver was pulled over for speeding in Airdrie on Tuesday.
The officer noticed a cardboard box in the back seat was moving. Sgt. Darrin Turnbull says at first he thought it might be puppies.
Suddenly, a small hand popped out of the top and waved at Turnbull.
“The driver told me the child had refused to stay in the child seat and wanted to play in the box,” said Turnbull in the press release.
The preschool-aged child had successfully fought to let fun rule over safety.

As the oldest in my family, believe me, I understand how hard those screaming little tantrum pitchers can be to deal with. But seriously, is it really that hard to just strap the little fucker in there and let him cry it out? Is it really worth the risk and the potential fines and what have you? I ask this as a member of the last generation that was allowed to play in that big empty back part that some cars have as we drove, by the way. That was kinda dangerous and cool and there’s a reason you don’t see that anymore, but even then, no matter how persuasive my argument, no way no how would anybody responsible for my well being let me ride down the highway in a fucking box. And the sooner I came to terms with that, the easier the punishment was going to be. Good lord, people.

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