Well, She’s Probably One Now

Last Updated on: 27th December 2020, 08:59 am

Recently arraigned on felony charges of criminal endangerment, assault with a weapon and criminal mischief was 22-year-oldCamaree N. Fellonwho, I should add, sounds like a doll.

Before following in her own vehicle, Fellon allegedly caused a significant amount of damage to her boyfriend’s home by shooting the pistol into the wall, breaking out several windows, damaging a refrigerator and a safe. She also used a hatchet to hack at the interior walls, the records said.

When she arrived at the friend’s home, she raced the engine of her car, honked the horn and demanded that her boyfriend come outside.

He hid in a bedroom.

The other two men in the house heard gunshots and then saw Fellon standing in the yard with a handgun.

The court records said that because Fellon had become violent on previous occasions and was now “mumbling some alcohol-influenced threats,” the three men inside the home were afraid they were going to be shot.

Fellon allegedly shot her boyfriend’s truck before breaking into the home.

Once inside, she shoved her boyfriend, who attempted to avoid the woman by jumping over a couch, according to records. When two of the men struggled with her in an attempt to calm her down, she bit one on the arm “causing a nasty cut,” the records said.

After she was arrested, Fellon’s blood alcohol content was measured at .152. The legal limit is .08.

Along with the nearly namesake charges I mentioned in the beginning of the post, Fellon is also facing misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence, assault, and partner/family member assault.

My money’s on these 2 being back together by the time I hit publish.

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