Did Somebody Say McBullets?

This is one of the sillier you got my order wrong related meltdowns I’ve seen, but even so, dude’s lucky he didn’t get himself killed.

A man was so angry he did not get his chicken nuggets, he jumped on the counter at McDonald’s and fired two toy Nerf guns at a staff member before spraying foam bullets around the fast food outlet.
Jacob Martin Geels, 22, was fined for disorderly behaviour in the Greymouth District Court yesterday.
He was angry that he did not get his chicken nuggets so he jumped on the counter, shouted at everyone and then fired the toy guns he had with him, before leaving.
“When he was spoken to by police later on he said he thought it was funny and didn’t think anyone would care,” police prosecutor Lisa Thomson told the court.

But people did care, at least enough to convict him and fine him $100 while admonishing him for displaying the maturity of a four-year-old. To be fair though, he was acting at least six, maybe seven. I’m not sure a four-year-old would have been able to get onto the counter.

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