>Wack It From The Rooftops

Last Updated on: 24th April 2012, 04:20 pm

>Charles Edward Meaux sounds like quite the prize. He’s gotta be something special when a story starts like this:

Drivers on the 5 freeway called police about noon Wednesday saying there was a naked man on the roof of a home performing a sexual act “to or at” drivers.

He did this at noon! I guess masturbating on top of a car wasn’t thrilling enough for him.

Then, it only got better. Police had to call the family and say “Uh, there’s a dude either jacking off on, or humping,your roof.” They evacuated the family, at which point this weirdo put on some clothes of the family’s and hid out in a closet. When they found him, they had to tase him to get him out of there. He also had a white supremacist group’s tattoo on his eyebrow. So yup, definitely a prize…a prize with a loooong list of convictions.

Another funny fact about this story is the house was located on North Bush Street. I guess this guy couldn’t find any bush, so settled for this house.

Yuck. There’s a happening the family won’t forget, and neither will all the drivers who got quite the view.

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