Talk About Your bizarre Love Triangle

Last Updated on: 6th May 2022, 04:14 pm

Wow. There is definitely nothing boring about the Bowrings. They certainly are the furthest thing from it.

So, a dad, James, starts dating the son, Jacob’s girlfriend Krystal, and now she’s having his baby, and the son’s upset about this, and the dad tries to run him over? Woe! These people are freaks. Freaks who live in a house-bus with a long-drop toilet outside their bedroom window. What?

Hmmm. Let’s dig up some good quotes and just put them up here.

He admitted mounting the kerb and aiming the vehicle at Jacob, claiming he was “pretty upset” being calling a “paedophile” and being told he belonged in a “mental home”.”

Krystal is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We’re in love, it’s as simple as that, and it’s awesome.

He had been to prison for various offences and talked of a “life of misery” featuring sexual abuse as a child, broken relationships, work as a male prostitute and a six-month sexual relationship with a younger sibling.

“I can’t cope with the thought of going to prison again, I don’t like being around people. If I end up there I will probably kill myself,” James said.

James admitted he had “a few other kids around the country … but I never stayed with the mothers, I was only really a sperm donor. I was spreading the love around.”

Jacob, a tyre-fitter, said he was unable to talk in detail because of a deal he had with a women’s magazine.

“I’ve sold my story to get me into a flat, so that’s good. The whole thing is a mess. My dad has gone nuts.”

Need I say more?

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