The Disservice Chihuahua Case Is Dismissed

Last Updated on: 11th December 2019, 11:14 am

I saw this story, and, at the time, just went “ug!” I didn’t have the energy to post it, who knows why. Well, I’m going to now.

Alex Allarie is the kind of person who makes me sick. He claims his chihuahua is a service animal, but he apparently let it sniff around food on a flexi. That is not the way a dog should be permitted to behave. The only reason our dogs are allowed in grocery stores and restaurants is because they are not allowed to get their shnozzes into where the food is. When I’m paying debit, I’m always mindful of where Trixie’s nose is resting because there’s always lots of chocolate bars and candy near there. I would not want to be accused of letting her sniff food that other people may buy later.

Well,I guess he got all mad, caused a scene, and was kicked out of the store. Keith and Leslie Rouble, the people who own the store, say the reason he got kicked out of the store was because of his yelling and swearing, not because of the dog, But he took them to Human Rights. The people who once owned the store have since gotten out of the business to get away from this guy.

Well, he lost. That’s saying something. I think it takes a lot to lose a Human Rights case. It’s too bad the couple got put through such hell because of him though. But I’m glad he lost, because this means that just because you claim to have a service animal doesn’t mean you can just use that animal to get whatever you want.

I sincerely hope that couple doesn’t think we’re all that bad. Really, most of us are vigilant about our dogs and care about making sure our dogs don’t cause trouble for others.

This guy could set us all back years if he keeps this shit up. He plans to appeal. Good luck with that.

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