In Tracy, Calling 911 Is Expensive

I got news of this from Ann Adams.

We all pay a few cents on our bill for access to 911. Did you ever think that you could be paying for it every time you want to use it? Well, the people of Tracy, California have to think about this. They can either pay an annual fee of $48 or a fee of $300 every time they use 911.

Missing from this story is why it’s being done. Did residents protest the 26-cents on their phone bills? Do they have a lot of pranksters who like to call 911 for no reason, or a lot of people who think not getting a hamburger is a good reason to call 911? Why was this done? People already have to pay ambulance fees, they don’t need a 911 charge stacked on top of it. I am envisioning people who are poor putting off calling 911 because they can’t afford the fee. How many people might die because people don’t want to pay for the call?

I hope this isn’t the beginnings of a trend. Whether it is or not, it’s disturbing.

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