That’s Not A Decimal System…

I have a feeling this little incident will scar some children and adults alike.

The 58-year-old employee told police she was working in the Ypsilanti District Library in the 200 block of West Michigan Avenue at 10:30 a.m. and assisted a man in making book selections.

She returned to her desk and looked up to see the man step out from behind a bookcase, completely naked, a police press release said. The man “thrust his hips in the direction” of the woman, but didn’t make any other movements toward her, the release said.

The employee went upstairs and called police. By the time officers got there, the man had fled through an emergency exit, taking his clothes and the children’s books with him, the release said.

Um, eek. And police still haven’t found this fellow. I hope they do. It takes a disturbed man to do something like that.

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