A 74-year-old Jerusalem woman accidentally incinerated NIS 10,000 to crisps in a bid to disinfect them from COVID-19, ynet reported.
The woman, who has not been named, said she collected the banknotes and, while wearing gloves, put them in a bowl with bleach and microwaved them. As a result, they were set afire.
The woman notified the Bank of Israel about the incident and apologized, saying she intended to replace the money but noted that her financial situation made this difficult.
The Bank of Israel, after investigating, decided to fully reimburse the sum, ynet reported.

I assume that the investigation found her to be a dementia case or otherwise mentally impaired, because I have a hard time imagining that a bank would pay you back after something like that if you were just a regular old John Q. Dumbfuck.

And what’s with the line about her replacing the money, but not being able to afford it? If it’s her money, why was *she* apologizing and intending to replace it? That makes no sense unless the bank gave her the money and said “ok Agnes, take care of this for us until we get back.”

Also, NIS stands for Israeli New Shekel and 10000 of it is worth nearly $3800 Canadian, in case you were wondering like I was.

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