This Is Good, Now Let’s Talk About Those Ski Jumpers

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 08:31 am

Wonders never cease, I agree with Dick Pound on something.

That something happens to be the ridiculous non-issue that isour women’s hockey team celebrating their gold medal win by cracking a few beers on the ice after the fans had left.

IOC member Dick Pound of Montreal handed out the medals to Team Canada, and told CBC News that he had no problem with the women celebrating.

“I don’t,” Pound told Peter Mansbridge on Friday. “First of all, I had a wonderful time presenting the medals — been fourth time I’ve done it … there’s no Canadian hockey player that hasn’t got her medal from me.

“I think it’s kind of like killing a mouse with an elephant gun. These kids have worked like dogs for years and months, and the pressure is off. They had a huge game and a great win. Hey, let them have some fun.”

He’s right, who cares? As long as they didn’t trash the place, what does it matter?

And seriously Canada, apologizing for causing possible embarrassment to the IOC? Somebody hasn’t been paying attention. That organization is embarrassment enough to itself, a few drinks and cigars finding their way onto the ice is several steps up from pretty much anything you could dig up on those people.

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