What’s The Lesson At School?

Last Updated on: 10th February 2017, 11:07 am

Would ya look at that? I have another parade of school tools to talk about. I should not have three more already. Yup, count ’em, 3!

Our first victim of ass-backwards administration is Rachel Greer. she was in a locker room when her friend offered her an aderall pill and put it in her hand. She said no and gave it back. Just because she held it for a second, she was suspended for a week for possessing the drug. school administrator Marty Bell says she is to blame just because she put out her hand.

I have two questions. How did teachers know what happened? It was in a locker room and there was no mention of anyone witnessing it. And how do they know what the other kid said to Greer. Maybe she said “Here. Try this.” That could have meant a candy. How was Greer to know it was a pill until she saw it? She said no and gave it back. That should be the important part.

The next victim is Katherine Evans. I’m not sure I would have quite done what she did, but the reaction of administration was over the top. She was not a fan of her english teacher, I don’t know why, so she made a Facebook group about it. She shouldn’t have gone and titled it “Ms. Sarah Phelps is the worst teacher I’ve ever met!” and she could have left out the teacher’s photo, but those are the only places I fault her. There were no threats of any kind. I guess kids agreed with her. Because of that, the principal demoted her out of her advanced level courses and suspended her. She’s suing.

I had an english teacher I didn’t like in high school, and I too got chastized. For what? For, *gasp* talking about how I thought she was mean to a friend in what was supposed to be my home. I went to the school for the blind and lived in a little house with five other girls so we could practice cooking and cleaning. My friend came over and we got talking about how the teacher was nice to some students, and went out of her way to make others feel like shit. Others in the house said they felt the same, and this opened up a discussion about how we felt. There were no threats whatsoever. We were just talking. But another one of the people living there went to the teacher and told her what she heard. So, the next morning, two of us were called into the principal’s office and yelled at by the teacher, principal, and vice principal. I was far less articulate then than I am now, and only managed to say that I was at home and thought I could say what I wanted at home. When I told my parents about what happened, they marched in and had a grand old meeting with the same people. I think they were far more articulate than I.

Anyway, this is a long and winding way of saying that what happened to Evans could have very well happened to me, and teachers need to realize that not everyone is going to like them and either grow a thicker skin or look at why lots of students don’t like them. If they were my old English teacher, chances are they know full well the reason they have people who aren’t their biggest fan. Either way, a student not liking a teacher on its own is not grounds for discipline. I’m not sure Facebook is the best place to express it, but demoting her out of classes and suspending her was over the line.

And our third victim is also a victim because of complaints he made about a teacher on Facebook. Justin Bird also made critical comments about a teacher and started a fan page. What’s weird was he eventually took the page down, and only then was he called in and suspended. The school is also claiming that his situation is different from the Evans case, but they won’t say why. But they’re telling him that if he takes an anger management course, they’ll remove 3 of the 5 days of his suspension from his record. Hmmm. Something tells me their reaction will only make him more angry.

Gees. I just keep finding depressing stories. I hope I can find something funny soon.

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