Calling All Guelphites With HP Trekkers

Last Updated on: 23rd June 2018, 12:44 pm

Here’s a weird call. Is there anyone who lives in Guelph and has a Trekker with the HP PDA? If you do, please email me.

Long story time. Barb has been telling me that she has a cool Christmas present for me and can’t wait to give it to me. Well, she finally gave it to me, and boy oh boy oh boy is it cool! Do ya wanna know what it is? Do ya? Sure ya do! It’s a Trekker. A full-fledged Trekker! Yeeeee!

This will be way cool for the next two years as Guelph gets ripped up as part of the Guelph Remastered, or as Steve affectionately calls it, Guelph Rerouted plan.

So anyway, I have discovered that the trekker and the cradle don’t seem to be getting along. I have to figure out if it’s the cradle’s fault, the trekker’s fault, or whose fault it is. So…anyone who lives nearby, would you be so kind as to let me put my trekker in your cradle?

This probably won’t work, but I don’t know a whole heap of Trekker users, so I have to try what I can.

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