Well At Least Help Would Have Been Nearby

Damn this story. “Hat and Feet” by Fountains of Wayne is in my head. And damn it, I can’t find a way to link to it.

Grayson Peterka is one lucky boy. His parents should go buy a lottery ticket in his honour.

Peterka and his family were enjoying themselves at a family barbecue, when a medical helicopter flew overhead…and…a laptop fell out of it! It landed inches from Peterka with a bang and a smash.

I guess the helicopter had just dropped a patient off at St. Cloud hospital and was leaving, and some poor crew member who is likely going to pay for this in spades left the laptop on the skid. The copter made a turn near where the barbecue was, and that was enough for Sir Isaac Newton’s good ol’ law to take effect and bring the laptop crashing to the ground.

Poor Life Link. I’m sure they are simultaneously crying and overjoyed, crying that their laptop was smashed to little bits, and happy that it didn’t hit the kid. They dodged one there…and so did he!

Aside: Go newspaper people! The headline used to say “laptop nearly misses boy.” No no no. It nearly hit him. Good on them for fixing it.

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