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Last Updated on: 31st March 2017, 04:13 pm

There are so many questions here.

Hope L. Neff was a homeless woman who was staying with a family temporarily, we don’t know why. For no apparent reason, she went up to the attic and lit a mattress on fire to see how fast it would burn. Then she just came back downstairs and said nothing. It burned pretty fast, and started burning down the building. Nobody had working smoke alarms, and somebody had to start pounding on doors to tell people their building was on fire. Now, the family with whom she was staying is homeless, but Neff has a home, in jail, unless she can fork out $300000 cash.

So, why was she staying with them? Did they feel bad for her and were giving her a roof over her head? I sure hope not, because if that’s the kind of thanks they get, they will never be generous again. And how the hell does a whole building not have working smoke alarms?

All of this could have been prevented.

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