I’m Getting Interviewed On The Radio!

Last Updated on: 21st April 2015, 01:41 pm

Here’s some news. How much people like hearing my voice will decide whether it’s good or bad. Hahaha!

I am getting interviewed by Jan Hall on CFRU tomorrow morning as part of the Royal City Rag show. Yup, little ol’ me will be on the radio for an interview! It’ll be in the second hour of the show, from 8 until 9, somewhere around 8:20-ish, give or take. So, if you’re in the city and want to hear it, turn the FM dial to 93.3 and have a listen. If you’re not from around here, you can tune in to the stream here. With any luck, we’ll be able to snag a copy. I don’t know though.

Wish me luck. I’m only a little nervous. Hopefully that won’t change when I get in there and a mic is in my face.

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