It Appears My Friend Count Is Down By One, But It’s Only The Rays Fan

Last Updated on: 21st November 2013, 09:38 am

In an act of complete whining pettiness typical of someone who is willing to publicly identify as a Tampa Bay Rays fan, Ro hasdecided that she’s not going to be friends with me until at least Thursday.It could be longer if her team doesn’t fare well against my vastly superior Toronto Blue Jays this week, but it’s Thursday at least.

You know what burns me up about this? I was all set to do the honourable Canadian thing by taking the high road and not emailing her to ask what the score is (it’s 3-0 and Matt Garza has thrown 2 wild pitches so far for the record), but now my resolve is being tested. Never mind that I hadn’t gotten around to sending that message yet since I was making some late dinner, that’s not important. What matters is that up to the point when I read her post, I hadn’t pointed out that Jays vs. Rays is kind of like major leaguers vs. a team of 1-armed special kids, and I wasn’t going to even though it’s obvious to anybody who knows anything about anything.

Good luck Ro and Rays, you’re gonna need it. and as for Carin’s blanket that’s going to come and live with me, I am as you read this looking into what it would cost to have somebody embroider a Jays logo on it, because I want it to know what success feels like.

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