Growing Up Guide Pup

Last Updated on: 19th April 2017, 01:47 pm

Thank you, guide dogs blog. I just got introduced to the coolest YouTube channel ever. If Ricki makes it as a guide dog, I hope her handler is into YouTube, because they will get to watch their guide dog growing up. How awesome would that be? I would kill for a YouTube channel of the Trixter.

But because I don’t have that, I give you Growing Up Guide Pup! The first episode you see is week 18, but if you start at the beginning, you will find them all.

The thing that’s double cool about this is Amie Chapman explains the things puppy raisers do to get puppies ready for guide dog life. Pretty awesome. Check out week 1. Ricki really hates that crate of hers. Yippy yippy yip yip yip!

I’m going to have lots of puppy videos to watch.

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