People Talk About Getting Personal With Bubba, But This Is A Different Bubba

Last Updated on: 18th November 2017, 06:37 am

Holy crap! This is quite the story. Jim Harris is not a weak man. He has hoofed Hell’s Angels from a biker bar and served in Vietnam and came out unscathed. Then along came Bubba the water buffalo head. Just have a look at the picture of the giant head. Imagine that falling on you.

He was sitting in the living room of his rented house, reached over to turn on a lamp, and…kabang! Down came the 200-pound stuffed water buffalo head. It knocked him out.

When he woke up 2 hours later, he was under the giant, horned, stuffed beast’s head. He could just reach his cellphone, and managed to yell to the operator what had happened. When police and ambulance arrived, it took 4 dudes to lift the monster off Harris.

He’s one lucky fellow. All the head managed to do was give him some bruises, pinched nerves and a concussion that sounds like it wasn’t as serious as it could have been. That’s pretty good, considering Harris thought he was paralyzed.

This Jim harris guy sounds like he would be fun to hang out with. I had to laugh when he said that he got his ass kicked by a dead water buffalo.

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