I Think This Contract Will Be Struck Down

Last Updated on: 4th December 2017, 08:55 am

I have so much to say about this story, and nowhere to begin. Well, we can first begin by making fun of Graydon Smith. Does he honestly think that a signed statement by his girlfriend saying he can hit her anywhere but her pregnant belly is worth anything? He’ll soon find out it isn’t.

But on a more serious note, he sounds like a monster. Anyone who has done this much to his girlfriend, and then struck out at his parents, is headed for a place where he can be treated exactly the way he should be by even bigger monsters. Maybe Bubba can make him sign a contract saying he’s Bubba’s prison bitch. Let’s see how that feels.

But my even bigger question is why, on the night that he threatened to kill his girlfriend and wouldn’t let police inside, did they just leave and say they’d call to follow up? Sure, for that moment, she was outside and he was inside, but that’ll only last until police are gone. Then he’ll go find her. I don’t get it. Stuff like this is the reason people like Natasha Hall are dead.

Thankfully, this time, he didn’t go find her that night in April, and she lived to receive another beating for which he got arrested. I’ve never been thankful for someone getting hit again, but at least this time, when he locked himself inside, police didn’t leave.

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