>The Whole Medieval Thing Will Be A Lot Less Fun If They’re Sentenced That Way

>As far as discipline goes, this is…different.

Fremon and Julie Seay have been arrested and the three children in their home have been removed and are staying with family members. Why? Well, it goes like this.

Julie Seay’s 16-year-old daughter went to a party without permission, pretty standard teenaged stuff that often brings some form of punishment. Such punishment usually includes things like groundings, loss of privileges or even the odd sign-carrying public shaming if things really get out of hand. But some punching, a whooping with a tree branch and then a two hour wooden sword fight complete with medieval armour? That’s a new one.

According to police, the teen was forced her to dress in armor and fight Fremon Seay with a wooden sword for two hours. Police also said Seay punched and beat his stepdaughter with a tree branch prior to the duel. Investigators said she collapsed from exhaustion.

Investigators learned the couple is part of a group of Renaissance enthusiasts, who recreate fights from the medieval era.

I can only assume this since the article doesn’t say, but it seems like even though old Fremon here did most of the combat work, Julie was arrested for not doing anything to put a stop to it and possibly even encouraging it. Even better, she works for a daycare. Another assumption, but perhaps not for long.

the daughter, though badly bruised, is expected to recover…in a physical sense at least.

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