The Dirty Old Man Was Trying To Get Clean

Last Updated on: 28th November 2019, 07:31 am

I’m feeling pretty jaded right about now. I just finished reading a story about a 94-year-old man gettin’ it on with a vacuum in someone else’s garage, and it was termed a bizarre case of public sexual indecency
you won’t believe, and I thought “Yeah? I’d believe it, no problem. Just look at the humpings tag. We have some vacuum/car wash-hose humpers in there.” And then I thought, “Oh god, I’ve seen too much.”

In any case, Dale Warren Graham sounds positively yucko, no matter what his age is. And do you find it funny that the page title on the news article says “Police: 94-Year-Old Suspect Got Rocks Off with Vacuum”? I started to think we were all having our legs pulled and this was a fake…but it’s not looking like it.

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