Senseless Census Violence

Last Updated on: 15th May 2016, 08:13 pm

The story of a rather large nutcase holding a census-taker against his will gives me chills just because it’s scary, but it also gives me the chills for a more personal reason. I know my mom was an enumerator for some elections stuff when I was little, but I could have sworn she did census stuff too. She would talk about how it scared her to go to certain houses because dogs would run at her and bark and stuff. That’s nothing compared to this. I can’t even imagine this happening to her, and the thought of it scares me.

I would recommend that noone ever visit James T. Brewer because he sounds positively scary. Anyone who would threaten a census worker, take his keys, take him to a building on his property, melt a pop can with a blow torch and then ask him what the torch could do to his hand, and tell him that the next census worker that comes to see him may not leave has something wrong with him.

And I’m amazed that Travis Ryder went back out the next day to continue going door to door. I think I’d need some time to collect myself.

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