These Kids Have Been Without A Mom For A Long Time Now

Last Updated on: 20th July 2018, 09:34 am

This story makes me so sad. I can’t imagine what these kids have been through. I’m glad the older one had the brains, and guts, to call the cops.

I guess one day, their mom decided she’d had enough of her two boys, 11 and 6, and was going to leave them behind in Arizona so she could go to California to be a stripper, which was apparently her dream. That’s right, aim high.

The older boy called police, and they came to try and figure out this mess. After it became clear that she was seriously going to abandon the kids and never wanted anything to do with them, they started making preparations to have the kids transferred to their dad. When the older kid tried to hug his mom goodbye, she punched him in the stomach!

What I can’t figure out is how she was able to stay under the radar for this long. This is the kind of story that makes me feel like I need to find something happier to balance it out.

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