Eyebrow-Raising Customer Service

I had something happen to me last night that I thought deserved a mention.

I went into a convenience store that I know well so I could buy milk. It’s the convenience store near where I used to live when I lived next to the cool neighbour before he passed away and I experienced Stupidhead and Ditz o Matic. This means that the people in there have known me for six years. They got very used to getting the things I asked for and talking to me.

Last night, I went in with a friend, and there was a guy there who I recognized. He was always the more surly one, but he was ok. But last night, he shoed me that he’s a tool.

I walked up and said I wanted to buy milk. He proceeded to look at my friend and say “It’s over there.” So, he was assuming this person was some kind of servant and was strictly there to help me. No, it is not her job to do my bidding. I’m sure that he, as the store clerk, could manage to go get it. I could even understand him asking her to get it if he was swamped with customers and just couldn’t leave the counter. But things were pretty quiet.

Then, when she got it, he looked over my head and at her and told her the price of the milk, as if I suddenly was incapable of understanding speech, and this woman would have to translate from English to blind guyese. I don’t know how to explain it, but I could tell that he was talking to her and not me.

This would just be your ordinary flustered guy customer service, except for the thing I mentioned about going here often. I’ve been in and out of that store for 6 years. He knows I’m quite capable of speaking and understanding speech, and when I come alone, he’s quite capable of getting the milk. Why would all that vanish just because I walked in with a friend?

I wish I had the balls next time I deal with him to tell him I did notice that bullshit and didn’t think too much of it, but I probably won’t say anything. I’ll just lose a bit of respect for him.

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