Wake UP, Methew

You may read many funnier things today, but the description of how this fellow was discovered hit me the right way just now.

“On Friday, September 17th, Matthew Williamson, 37, was charged with Unlawful Breaking and Entering a Vehicle (UBEV) and Theft of Property 3rd Degree. Pleasant Grove police officers transported him to Jefferson County Jail where he made a signature bond and walked out. Less than two hours after leaving jail, Williamson stole a car in Hueytown and hid it in Pleasant Grove. On the night of Wednesday, September 22nd, an unknown person broke into the concession stand at the Pleasant Grove Athletic Complex, taking a large quantity of snacks . The next morning Williamson was found asleep in the Athletic Complex press box amongst piles of chicken fingers, chips, candy, and meth. He admitted the burglaries and the car theft and on Friday, the 24th he was transported back to the Jefferson County Jail.”

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