Accessible Digital Cable Is Very Possible!

Last Updated on: 22nd December 2016, 08:40 am

Back a little while ago, Ro wrote a post about ACB’s letter to Gary Shapiro. In the comments, there was a mention of a talking digital set-top box. Ro, was it called Goodmans Smart Talk® TV set top box? This sounds pretty damn cool. I know that particular box won’t work over here because the UK has a different system, but let’s get one designed over here that would work for us. I want one, and yesterday!

You know, I wish the CNIB could be half as useful as the RNIB. The RNIB actually help design things to make stuff better. What tech aids the CNIB sells, they are made by others, the CNIB marks them up to crazily-inflated prices, and the staff don’t seem to be aware of what they do.

Anyway, we need a digital box like that. I’d pay about $100 to unlock all the functionality of my TV in a snap.

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