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Last Updated on: 31st July 2020, 04:16 pm

I decided to write one of my random meandering rambles. I hadn’t done one of those in a while.

Gees! It’s been a 4-day cooker up here! I keep joking that the Arizona weather has come to visit me, except we have humidity on top of it. What did the weather guy say today? Tomorrow, we will have temperatures of 35 C with a humidex of 45 C? Hmmm…in fahrenheit, what would that be? It would be 95 F with a humidex of 113? Yup, either way you slice it, positively blech! If Trix and I go anywhere, it’s at 9 in the goddamn morning, or as soon as a business opens. After that, it’s stay in, stay cool, stay hydrated.

Speaking of stay cool, anybody got any tips on teaching the Trixter that that room with the AC is a good place to hang out? She’ll only hang out in there if one of us is there. Otherwise, she’ll come out to the rest of the house and huffa puffa huffa puffa. I didn’t put a bed in there at first because I thought that the last thing she’d want to do in the heat was lay on fuzz. But eventually, I put a bed in there to entice her to go there. Still nope. I may have to just break down and put the cool down collar on her. It makes me so sad to see her puffing when there’s a place where she could get some relief! I mean, it even has her water dish in there! She’ll lay in the middle of the cool floor, right in our way. Why not go in out of the way and get the full AC effect?

Maybe another thing I’ll have to do is make a kongsicle and record the results.

My dad tells me that they have cool down scarves for us humans too. You know, I might have to invest in one of those. Then Trix and I can be a matched set…except mine won’t be pink.

Another silly thing Trix did in the heat was try to find shade…even if that path would lead us further away from home. I went to the drug store to get a couple of things yesterday morning. Upon exiting the parking lot, you have to make a right to come home. She tried to make a left! I followed her, maybe we had to cut around something. Nope, she was heading for the shade of trees. But baby, that means we’re not going to get home. So we turned around and went home. Silly boodog.

My parents are in San Francisco right now. I wondered if they would be positively cooking. Not according to the Weather Network. The warmest they’re getting is about 18 C, I think that’s in the upper 60’s F. Gees, what I wouldn’t do for 18 right now. They’re never going to believe me when I say what kind of heat we’ve been having.

I got an email from this steals and deals thing that emails me ever since I bought a couple of products from Pulse TV. I hardly pay attention to it and should probably unsubscribe, but I just haven’t done it. Anyway, it emailed me telling me about some bird feeder, and it started off by saying “tweet tweet tweet. No, I’m not talking about Twitter, I’m talking about birds,” and I thought about how much of a reversal that was. Probably when Twitter started off, they would have to go the other way. Scary stuff, that is. I hope that we never get to the point where we forget that the birds tweeted first.

You know, I should just stay away from Donna Jodhan’s blog. If I go there, I get mad, and then I write stuff that probably just makes her mad. But Ro told me about this post about PIN numbers, and I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I just couldn’t. At least this time, I did get a response, unlike the last time I ate her for lunch. Incidentally, that comment thread, AKA the thread of doom, is up to 338 comments. Woe man.

Hmmm. Did I have any other thoughts? If I did, I think they got cooked by the heat. Stay cool, and everybody with dogs, do not, under any circumstances, leave them in the car! Just don’t do it. In this heat, they’d be frizzle fried in no time. Oh damn it, now I have two Paul and Storm songs playing in my head, the “It’s too friggin hot” song, and the “Grandma cooked the dog” song.

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