Some Thoughts on Christmas Eve

Holy crap it’s Christmas Eve and I’m actually at my computer. That never happens…ever I don’t think. So I figured I’d write a big rambling something or other.

It’s been a busy season of Christmas stuff, but it still feels like it somehow snuck up on us. We’ve already taken a trip back to Guelph to exchange gifts with the huppy and company. That was cute. The poor little huppy’s been wondering what happened to us. He first wondered if, since he hadn’t seen us in a while, we’d gone to heaven! Then when his mom explained that no, we were in Kitchener, he was looking around his kitchen for us. Then when we did see him, he wanted to go up to our old apartment and play. He could not understand that that wasn’t our house anymore and new people were in it. Then he kept saying that he had seen our new house, had seen it tomorrow, in fact! The funniest was at the end, he started packing a collection of toys that he could take in the car and go to our new house. It was so sad to have to break his heart and say no we weren’t going back to that house today.

Next we went to the Christmas party at my work. What a difference a year makes. Now, when people won cool prizes, I actually recognized their names and had more reason to cheer.

That same weekend, we went to see Steve’s family for early Christmas since I’m stealing him to go to my family’s Christmas this year. That was pretty awesome, we got to see everybody, plus I got to see Trix! That was a funkky reunion. She came over to us, sniffed the bejeebers out of our clothes, and then realized that yes this was us, and went nuts.

It was really good to see her happy, she even had a nap near me and dream barked. I’m just so happy she’s happy. At the end, she tried to come home with us. That was the only heart-breaking part. But it’s so good to see the Trixeroo again. It makes me feel good about my decision to retire her.

Now we just have our own Christmas gift exchange, then we go to my family’s Christmas, but this year we won’t have to go as far. Yea! Then we see Steve’s dad, and finally the shoe thief might come see us. It’s going to be a good holiday.

People talk about buying Christmas presents with a theme. If there’s one overarching theme to my Christmas present buying, it’s that every present involved an adventure. Isn’t it fun living in a new city? You go off in search of a store, call up transit, find out what buses you need to catch…then discover the store is across a gynormous parking lot, and an insane street. Weeee! I went to find one store, and found out that basically it was at the edge of the edg of town, right next to Highway 401, which is like…a huuuuuuuge freeway. Good thing I have good buds in town to save my poor blind hide.

This brings me to something else I have to mention. Every time I call a place, since I know so little about this town, I have to play what feels like a game of 20Q.

Me: Is your store on a bus route?
Them: Yes…it’s on x bus route.
Me: how close is the bus stop?
them: Hmmm…a ways down.
Me: Is their sidewalk?
them: yes.
Me: you’re in a plaza. Does it have a huge parking lot?
Them: yes.
Me: How isolated is your area? Do a lot of people walk around near there or is it mostly car traffic?
Them: Hmmm…it’s pretty isolated.

and so it goes. I miss the days of just asking where they are and having a general idea. Damn how I miss that. Oh, and if I say I know your address, but that means nothing to me, repeating back the address isn’t gonna work. And…stop directing pedestrians via the expressway, please and thank ya!

And what is up with directory assistance in this town? It friggin honks! If I didn’t get it for free due to the blind thing, I would never touch it. Half the time it says a place doesn’t exist when it does, or totally misunderstands my voice. I have broken down and looked places up on Google more times than not because 411 fails at life so much.

I think that’s all that’s new and somewhat exciting. I’m glad Steve wrote the end of the year post because it needed writing. I had more in here, but I decided to split it for the sake of everyone’s sanity. Goddamn do I chatter a lot.

I hope everyone has a merry Christmas, and a super holiday. I’m not quite gone yet, still have the rest of this post to put up as its own post, but figured I’d get the happy ho ho wishes in now. So have a good one, everybody.

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  1. Yeah, that was cute and hilarious. He just walked over to me all serious like and said “Steve, I saw your new house.”

    “You did?”

    “I did. I saw your new house.”

    “When did you do that?”


    We need to get him over here and blow his mind with the giant toy store.

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