Aaah! That’s Not A Lollypop!

Last Updated on: 11th November 2018, 05:02 pm

David Lowe
Help me out here. To simulate a sex act means you’re not actually doing it, right? So sucking on a dildo outside a convenience store while waving it at women, that would be simulating a sex act, yes? No, according to the 5th District Court of Appeal in Daytona Beach. Because he was using his mouth on the dildo, it didn’t involve a sexual organ, or he wasn’t simulating contact with a sex organ because it wasn’t near someone else’s genetalia, or something. But if you’re to the point of getting close to someone else’s genetalia, haven’t you moved beyond simulating and have crossed over to doing the real thing? Unless you never touch, that is, but I mean, do you have to be near someone else’s privates before it’s even considered simulating a sex act?

I guess they don’t want to make the assumption that a dildo is supposed to substitute for a penis, or they don’t want to admit that oral sex exists, or something. Oh, wait, they say he was simulating oral sex with an object and not a person, so that makes it all good, even though he was doing this in front of kids, and his pants were wet and his own Mr. Happy was happy. Huh? At any rate, David Lowe’s charges got dismissed.

So, everyone in Florida can go ahead and suck away on a dildo in front of people. Apparently, courts don’t want to say it’s a crime.

As an aside, David Lowe was described as someone unlikely to find another person to simulate sex with. I sent his picture to RAIVE, and this is the description I got back.

It’s a guy in his 40s with a tan face, dark brown slightly messy hair, a mustache and a short / trimmed goatee. He’s wearing a blue T-shirt with a smallish logo on the chest (not very visible, can’t tell what it says)

Would someone like to elaborate about what makes this fellow look so creepy?

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