You Have Reached Your Destination…Jail!

Ha ha ha ha ha. This is just awesome. I think this is a message from above that Horatio Toure should stop pickpocketing. He stole the wrong item.

I guess he was walking along, and saw a woman’s iPhone. He felt he must have it immediately, so snatched it and ran off. Little did he know that she was testing out a suite of GPS software. So…he didn’t get far.

And she wasn’t testing out some little “I know where you’re at” app either. This thing was designed for police forces to be able to track their personnel.

I love the part of the story where the software’s creator says he knew something was wrong when he saw her position moving through the streets of San Francisco at a high rate of speed. Then she came back in and said what happened.

Well, the software works. Just ask Horatio Toure for a testimonial from his prison cell.

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